Who We Are


Vania Stoyanova

Vania Stoyanova is a photographer and content creator by day and a writer by night. Hailing from the Eastern European Balkans, this Bulgarian immigrant embraces diversity, change and challenges wholeheartedly even when called “too American” by her Bulgarian friends. She has run a successful Young Adult book club for adults for the last six years, has contributed content for NY Times bestselling authors and major publishers, created book trailers for popular books and photographed book covers for favorite authors. From touring with authors to moderating at book festivals, Vania seeks to spread the love of books.

She looks forward to the day that words and media can merge into a whole new way of storytelling. She lives in Atlanta, travels often and reads nonstop.

Jessi Esparza

Jessi Esparza is a designer, writer, and nerd of all trades who loves cuddly animals, witty people and yummy food. Located in Atlanta, GA, she has a passion for visual harmony, innovative storytelling, and compelling concepts. She’s a SCAD Alum and has worked in everything from corporate to news to entertainment. Her short story, “Into the Black,” was published in the Dark Carnival Anthology. Find her online at jessiesparza.com and on Instagram @jessimesparza.