A live show, first of its kind, for the YA fans!

GEORGIA CENTER FOR THE BOOK is offering its young audience a zanny, Jimmy Fallon-esque live young adult book talk show centered around YA authors called YATL Live. The program was created by former bookseller, literary influencer and author Kimberly Jones, Mass Disturbance (Sourcebooks 2019), and author photographer, writer, literary influencer Vania Stoyanova (Vania Photo Studio). Writer, artist, designer Jessi Esparza (Motion Designer at CNN) serves as showrunner. YATL Live is a live show in the Georgia Center for the Book auditorium filmed for later playback on Facebook and YouTube with author interviews, games, giveaways, fun video clips and lots of shenanigans.

Vania Stoyanova said “The show will never be serious, we’ll always produce shenanigans and we may at times be mildly inappropriate.” However, this mantra also seen in the bio of their Instagram page, does not take away from their stated commitment to exposing diverse voices. To them that part only makes sense as Kimberly Jones has been quoted as saying, “We are an African-American, Mexican-American and Bulgarian Immigrant, it would make zero sense for us three ladies to not delight in the beauty of diversity in this country and the YA world.”

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